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There’s nothing quite like hearing from readers who’ve enjoyed my books. In fact, it pretty much makes my day/week/ month/year/life! Here are just some of the amazing messages of love and support received from Frenemies fans around the world. I would love to hear from you, too! Please click here to send an email. (Just so you know: I never, ever share messages on my website without getting permission from the sender first. That would just be severely lame and tacky, right?)

Dear Ms. Young,


Hello my name is Kiri and I am 11 years old. I have read all the Frenemies in every language available. I live in Australia and i am SUCH a BIG fan of yours. I am on Team HALLEY! What side are you on?  ... I cant WAIT for the third book to come out!!!!!! ... if you could tell me the name and date your third book is coming out that would give me something to hope for!!!! But if you cant release any of that information then that's understandable. Well I'm very sorry i wasted your time when you could have been writing your much anticipated, from lots of girls, book.


Thank you very very much Ms. Young.


Yours sincerely Kiri. 


P.S. Could you maybe please reply to this much thought out fan mail? THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!


P.P.S. I would just like you to know that i have read both Twilight and Harry Potter and your books come equal 1st with them!!!!!


P.P.P.S. Also are they making your books into Movies? Because that would be so so so so so cool!!!!!!


P.P.P.P.S Very sorry for wasting your time!!!! and I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* * *


Hello Alexa,


My name is Justine and I am a great fan of the collection: " better enemies ". Thank you for writing those books. I find them super cool !!! For the time being I read the volume 2. When does the volume 3 go out in FRANCE ? Will the duo Hal-Vallon remain friendly in the volume 3 ?  In the volume 2, at the end of the book in gratitude you say that we can be part of the people that you thank in the volume 3, is it true? I could be part of it ? You will be able to answer me on this address if it pleases you. One thousand times thank you for your books!!!


I look forward to reading you soon. soon.





I just got your book today and already read 25 pages! I'll admit that's a little slow but anyways I LOVE IT! I read the clique series which i ahdore and I thought I would never find as good of a book until today! I CANT WAIT FOR MORE BOOKS! I also have a couple questions.


1. How many books do you plan to make in the series?

2. Do you have any book signings in South Jersey????!!!!!????

3. Where did you come up with the idea for these books?

4. When does FAKETASTIC come out?


Thanks for the awesome book,


Alyssa H.


* * *




My name is Leah and I am your biggest fan! Do you happen to know when your next book is coming out? Who's side are you on? Can you tell me who will win Wade????Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! I like both girls but I like Halley the best but maybe she should be more herself and less rocker. I love your books and think they are just as good as twilight. (shhh don't tell stephenie!)


Leah (from Louisiana)


* * *


Hello Alexa!


I know you receive a lot of email and I would be so glad if you could read mine! First, im sorry for my English. But I have a reason for that. Im from Quebec, Canada and my main language is French. I've read Frennemies (Meilleures Ennemies in French) and it was, seriously, one of the best book I've read in my whole life!! Its kind of Gossip Girl, but more realistic :) I can't wait to read Faketastic but I will have to wait it to be translate in French :( Do you know when it will be available in French? Will it be and 3rd book?




Keep writing :)

Karyne V.


Dear Ms. Young,


I am Hayley from Las Vegas, Nevada, and I am 13 years old. But, more importantly, when is Glamnesia coming out?!? I HAVE to know. I am dying Dying DYING over here!!!!!! It is very not nice to leave readers hanging like that! I saw on one website that it comes out January 2010! They better be wrong, because I will die die DIE if that is the case! That is waaaaaaaaaaaay too far away! So please please PLEASE speed up the Glamnesia production. I know you have a separate life and I’m reaaaaaalllllly sorry about your mom(see bottom), but can you please think about your adoring fans (like me!), and put the pedal to the medal? That’s all I ask. I cannawt believe what Avalon did in Faketastic, by the way. I never liked her or the idea about acting like she likes Wade. It was just begging for disaster. Anyhooo, please do something in your blog about Glamnesia or e-mail me back at XXX.


Love, Hayley H.


P.S. I really do feel for you about your mom. Although on your blog it doesn’t say what kind of cancer your mom has (that I can find) I can relate. My mom was diagnosed with leukemia a few months after I was born, and has been battling it ever since. But, luckily, she went into remission a couple years ago and is still healthy. I know how you feel, and all of your emotions, but please please please try to spare some details about Glamnesia as soon as humanly possible! :)


P.S.S. Is Joy really your middle name, or is Alexa Joy just a nickname? Just wondering.


P.S.S.S. I noticed that I used a lot of words three times in this email. You should create a character who says all of their words 3 times in honor of me! ;)


P.S.S.S.S. Since you are a writer and up to date on grammar and stuff, is it grammatically correct to say P.S.S.S or is it P.P.P.S.?, Haha, random, I know.


* * *


Hi Alexa


I love your books. I was just wondering how long it will be until the 3rd book will come out in Australia because I can’t get enough of Halley and Avalon!!! And personally I can not choose between the two girls because they are both awesome. I can’t wait to read your next book!


Hope to hear from you soon,


Big Fan Tarni, Australia
Luv from Tarni
P.S hope 2 hear from u soon!

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