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Book reviews! Movie deals! Junior novels for the Disney Channel! Graphic novels en francais! 

Check out whats been happening in the world of Alexa Young...

Frenemies by Alexa Young
Meilleures Ennemies by Alexa Young
Beste Freundin fur immer by Alexa Young
Meilleures Ennemies by Alexa Young
Frenemies Disney Channel Movie based on series by Alexa Young

3.12.19 I wrote a junior novel based on two episodes of the hit Disney Channel television series "Andi Mack." Click here for more information.


10.16.18 I wrote an original novel for Disney Press, based on the super-cool characters in "Andi Mack." Click here to order your copy.

10.3.17 It's the first junior novel based on the Disney Channel television series "Mech-X4," adapted by me! Click here for more information.


10.4.16 I wrote the prequel novel to the Star Darlings twelve-book series, created by Ahmet Zappa and Shana Muldoon Zappa, for Disney Press. Click here for more information about Good Wish Gone Bad.


7.5.16 Check out the third junior novel based on the hit Disney Channel television series "Girl Meets World," adapted by me, here.


1.5.16 Another junior novel based on the hit Disney Channel television series "Girl Meets World," adapted by me, is released. Check it out here.


9.30.15 Oh la la! It’s another French graphic novel inspired by Frenemies. Click here to check it out.


7.7.15 More fun with Disney! Click here to check out the first junior novel based on the hit Disney Channel television series "Girl Meets World," adapted by moi.


4.9.14 And the French graphic novels just keep on coming. Click here to check out the illustrated version of Glamnesia + Fabotage.


4.17.13 Eh. Mon. Dieu! Its the latest French graphic novel (based on Faketastic) and its awesome. Check it out here.


1.13.13 AT LONG LAST! All four books in the Frenemies series are available in English (so long as you have an e-reader for books 3 and 4, that is).


2.1.12 The fabulous French publisher Jungle has turned Frenemies into a graphic novel. Check it out here.


1.13.12 The Disney Channel Original Movie Frenemies, based (loosely) on the book, comes out, starring Bella Thorne as Avalon Greene and Zendaya as Halley Brandon! Click here to watch the trailer, and check local listings for additional air dates and times.


11.10.10 Fabotage en Francais! Oui, the fourth and final book is available in French, and you can see how absolutely beautiful it looks here.


1.10.10 Faketastic comes out in the Netherlands! Or maybe not until October (sorry! Faketastic fake-out, perhaps?). But check out the super-cute cover here.


11.19.09 Glamnesia en Francais! Oui, the book is available in French, and the cover is as adorable as all the previous ones from Michel Lafon. Check it out here.


10.13.09 Frenemies comes out in the Netherlands! Go Dutch! Check out the lovely lavender cover here.


9.14.09 Frenemies comes out in Germany! Check out the über-adorable cover! Das ist cool, nein?

8.15.09 Looking for Glamnesia? Im so sorry for all the confusion about book three in the Frenemies series. It was supposed to come out in July 2009...then it got bumped to January 2010...and now, well, Im not exactly sure when its coming out. Please bear with us during these technical/economic difficulties. Thank you. ;-)


7.1.09 Faketastic is released in Australia! Check out the cover here. A huge thanks to all my readers in Oz. I love you guys and am so grateful for the support.


6.11.09 Faketastic en Francais! Yet another gorgeous cover for the French edition of Faketastic. Ive also heard great things about the success of Meilleures Ennemies en France (and Canada!). So, MERCI BEACOUP to all my French readers. Je vous adore!


3.1.09 Frenemies comes out in Australia! Take a look at the fab cover here.


1.6.09 Faketastic, book two in the Frenemies series comes out! Find out more here.


6.12.08 Frenemies en Francais! Check out this gorgeous cover for the French edition of FrenemiesMeilleures Ennemies. I couldnt be happier with the way it looks and its incredibly cool to see my work translated and available overseas so soon after the domestic release. Yippee! (Or should I say, youpi?)


5.31.08 Signing at Book Expo America (BEA)! I spent a full half-hour giving away signed copies of Frenemies to a long line of people waiting just for me at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


5.28.08 I got an A! I was shocked and thrilled to receive this review from one of the most respected new critics in the YA book blogging community. This one really made my day/week/month/year. :)


5.27.08 Hooray for feedback! Heres a mostly positive review with a few great insights into ways Frenemies could have been improved. Im a big fan of constructive criticism and the Ravenous Reader knows how to deliver it in a way I can really appreciate.


5.16.08 ANOTHER awesome interview! Today, I got to chat with the amazing young author, Jessica Burkhart, and it was a blast. Check it out here.


5.15.08 New interview! Want to know what some of my favorite bands are, what music I would put on the soundtrack to Frenemies and what kinds of bands Halley and Avalon like? Read this super-fun Q&A with Stephanie Kuehnert, author of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone (MTV Books, coming out this July!).




5.11.08 Another nice review! Take a look at all the lovely things The Story Siren wrote about Frenemies here.


3.28.08 My first Q&A! Who am I more like, Halley or Avalon? What kind of mythical creature would I like to be? What did I love most about working on Frenemies? Get the answers to those questions and much, much more, courtesy of WORD for Teens Nicole B. Check it out here.


3.14.08 My first review! Check out the perfect-10 given to me by WORD for Teens Nicole B. here.


* * *


Thats all Ive got for now. But please check back soon for more exciting (or at least moderately interesting) news, as it happens. Or, hey, send me an update of your own here.

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